CCI Courses & Certification

Some of our courses conclude in certification with the completion of the course requirements.

We currently offer certification for Maternal Child Health Community Health Workers and for Perinatal Educators (COPE program).

Certification through Partner Courses

We also offer certification for various providers upon the completion of an approved course offered by one of our contracted partners. Please see these courses listed on our ALL COURSES page and find the PARTNER COURSES tab. Each education provider that we contract with is a trusted partner who is aligned in our mission and goals. 

Before you begin, please become familiar with 1) the course you wish to take and the contracted partner, and 2) the list of certification requirements. To see the certification requirements, click on the specific Certification Course on our ALL COURSES page. 

Upon completion of the approved course, enroll in the Certification Course that you wish to complete (these certification courses cost $50). All forms and guidelines for certification requirements are listed for that specific certification. You will submit all required documentation into that course classroom, which will then be reviewed by the CCI Team. Upon approval, you will receive your certificate. 

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