Our Philosophy

At Commonsense Childbirth Institute (CCI), we aim to deliver innovative and certified training courses following the philosophy of The JJ Way®. Through our courses and programs, we offer various certifications, as well as opportunities to brush up on midwifery skills, learn how to implement The JJ Way® into your practice, and be equipped for advocacy and outreach.

How much do the training programs cost?

We strive to make our programs as accessible as possible for individuals while we also ensure excellent training experiences for groups. We believe that a tiered pricing system allows for equitable participation in our programs.

  • Individual Pricing

    The prices listed on our website are for individuals who are signing up on their own. Please reach out to ask about payment plans or possible scholarships.

  • Non-profit Group Trainings

    If you are interested in a group training through a non-profit or small organization, please contact us for details and group rates. We customize our training proposals to meet your needs.

  • Other Group Trainings

    Please reach out to us to discuss training opportunities for your employees or community members. Based on the size of your organization and your funding opportunities, we will collaborate with you to finalize training agreements.

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