What is an Easy Access Clinic™ (EAC)?

An Easy Access Clinic™   is an outpatient maternity care clinic operating with staff in each role of the 5 stations according to The JJ Way®. The goal of the EAC is to ensure all pregnant people, especially the most vulnerable, receive compassionate quality care and support regardless of ability to pay. EACs collaborate closely with interdisciplinary community-based perinatal professionals and exist especially to meet the needs of people with lower incomes, uninsured people and people who are unable to find providers to help them with their pregnancy for any reason. EACs partner with Commonsense Childbirth to drive community-based research that furthers the perinatal equity mission. Easy Access Clinics are designed to achieve the following objectives:

  • Pregnancies that reach a gestation of 37 weeks or greater.
  • Newborn birth weights of 5 lbs. 8 oz or greater.
  • Well-bonded parents, families and babies.
  • Successful start to human milk feeding for each parent-baby pair.
  • The reduction of the incidence and morbidity of perinatal mood disorders.


EAC™ Model Training Process

Each perinatal care team receives a tailored roadmap which outlines training, consulting and support during implementation of the EAC™ Model. Depending on team structure, goals, and community needs teams may participate in varying levels of training & implementation

  • Individual training and certification for all staff in The JJ Way® methodology for equitable perinatal care.

  • Ongoing external assessment, data collection partnership, community of practice, & opportunities for continuing development.

  • Access to operational tools, a method of internal assessment, & sample protocols as well as team training, consultation, & certification in the Easy Access Model™

Who is EAC™ Model Training For?

Individual JJ Way®  Provider

For any healthcare provider working in any clinical or non-clinical setting who wants to practice The JJ Way®. We offer self-paced, online modules followed by a live discussion and continued involvement in collective care and community of practice. 

Team Training & Certification

For an existing or developing team who want training in how to implement The JJ Way® tenets within an Easy Access™ model. We can train both clinical and no-clinical teams to utilize this methodology. 

Accredited & Collaborating Partner

For an existing Certified clinic team that is registered as a Perinatal Safe Spot™, participates in Community of Practice, and whose clinic structure allows for collaboration in data collection and analysis. Accreditation and collaboration is by invitation, only after certification is achieved. 

Interested in finding out more about EAC™ Model Training for your team?

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