Bundle Description

We are pleased to be able to offer an on-demand provider training program for those who would like to learn more about The JJ Way® methodology and how to put it into practice. The purpose of the training program is fourfold: 

  • To educate and support health care providers and clinicians by providing training in The JJ Way® methodology and enable them to reach more diverse and/or disenfranchised populations in their own communities, thereby increasing access to quality perinatal care.

  • To explain and demonstrate four main tenets of The JJ Way® – access, connections, knowledge and empowerment – points that are pertinent to both mothers and practitioners and that make a difference for healthy, viable mothers and babies as well as creating vibrant, thriving, culturally diverse practices for providers.

  • To equip providers to work in existing (or with more training, set up a new) Easy Access Prenatal Care Clinics, a model of care which has consistently reduced racial disparities in low birth weight and premature births; improved maternal health and self-esteem; increased breastfeeding rates and enhanced maternal, paternal and community education about improving perinatal outcomes.

  • To demonstrate and reinforce how an interdisciplinary practitioner team provides enhanced, individualized and optimal maternity care for clients, and concurrently improves collegial support and collaborative relationships for the providers themselves.

The program contains three course modules to be completed by each participant: 

  1. Introduction to The JJ Way® Methodology - This module discusses the problems that exist in the United States maternity healthcare system today and how The JJ Way® can be a part of the solution.

  2. Easy Access Clinic Training - This module outlines the structure of Easy Access Clinics and how the team functions using The JJ Way®  within the clinic setting. 

  3. Clinical Provider Training - This module helps the clinical provider apply the theories and concepts of The JJ Way® to their practices. 

The JJ Way® Provider Certification

Upon completion of the three course modules, individuals will have the opportunity to attain The JJ Way® Provider Certification. This is a process which involves a Self Evaluation Packet and consultation with the Certification Team.

Certified providers belong to a national network that will develop which brings together leaders and learners engaged in applying this model at the local levels. This community of practice will share best practices, resources, challenges, and lessons learned.

The process for certification is include in this bundle course, and includes a self evaluation, presentation and Q&A session.

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