Course Description

The Commonsense Childbirth Institute’s Community Based Doula Training Program is a hybrid training program that consists of 14 self directed online training modules, and 16 hours of live (virtual) doula skills training. This academic training is followed by 6 months of clinical skills development during which participants will be mentored through supporting 5 childbearing people and their families through pregnancy, labor and delivery and into the postpartum. 

The foundation of the training is The JJ Way® Reproductive Justice framework for client care delivery, which informs how doulas will care for, advocate for and empower their clients. This program is for those who intentionally want to practice using an equity lens, and who are interested in working towards reducing birth outcome disparities for women of color and lowering maternal mortality.

  • Online Modules

    Comprehensive, on-demand modules give the learner flexibility in engaging with the material in their own time and pace, while still having direct access to the instructor.

  • Live Training

    Two full days of live, virtual skills training allow for review on the topics presented in the modules, as well as practice and case-scenario discussions.

  • Mentorship

    Following the training, participants are mentored through six months of supporting childbearing families. During this time, they'll have access to 1-on-1 support as well as cohort learning and debriefing circles.

Pathways to Certification

We recognize that many participants may come to our program with prior training, experience and knowledge. Our goal is to provide access to our program by connecting you to the right pathway and to internship cohort circles, to recognize the knowledge you are coming into the program with, and to empowering you to practice in the JJ Way going forward.

1. Pathway A: Full Program

2. Accelerated Pathway for previously Certified Doulas:

This pathway is only available after a thorough review of previous certification documentation. Please email us at [email protected] for pricing and completion requirements.